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  • A little help for all you new graduates
    School’s out Post exam time can be quite a scary time in your life. As a newbie in the crazy world of work, you owe it to yourself to make an informed choice. So, just how prepared are you for an interview? Has anyone evaluated you and given you genuinely useful tips? Are you knowledgeable about the market that you are diving into? Would a helping hand from a professional be a good thing? And what if you need a filler job, some temporary work whilst you take the time to contemplate your prospects? Do you know what those temporary jobs should be, to help you later, once you have decided on your goals? Being prepared, as the Scouts would say, is the key to success. Sure, you can play being a Dice Roller but just how serious are you about being the best you can be? Gonna change the world Let’s face it, you are young with dreams and ideas of what your life will be like. You are blessed with enthusiasm all wrapped up in a blanket of hope and expectation. You are the future and you’re eager and willing to prove it. It could well be that you have a clear idea of what you want to do. Then, perhaps, like many of us, you simply can’t decide. It can become rather overwhelming faster than you think. So, it would be kind of nice if you found the path that leads to a career that suits you. Percentages and chances Close to 13% of 18-24-year-olds are out of work. Some 50,000 graduates in the UK, are in jobs that don’t require degree qualifications. They are not doing what they hoped or dreamed they would. Put bluntly, commercial life cares little about your dreams and ideals. Sometimes the pathway you hoped to follow gets lost in a jungle of frustration. Surely, you deserve the best possible chance of finding your Yellow Brick Road. Being prepared and clued-up on the reality of the work place is the only way to push the odds in your favour. Being ill-prepared may result in you watching your dreams evaporate like those of a bad singer on X-Factor. Work should be fun not a chore. But, why leave it all to chance? You’re smart, aren’t you? Stand aside I’m a professional Friends, relatives and loved ones will always give you advice. Advice is good. It’s always well-intentioned. But, sometimes people’s own life experiences taint that advice. This means vital information can be missed, biases can creep in and that old ‘Emotional Intelligence’ psychologists bang on about, can be sidelined in favour of exaggerated anecdotes. There are professionals who can help. What, recruitment agents? They’re just horse traders surely? Okay, it’s true that some recruitment consultancies operate a stack ‘em high, sell them quickly and move on, model. But, a modern, forward looking recruitment consultancy understands commercial life as it is today. They see the absolute value in matching their candidates’ aspirations and their client’s needs. Why? It’s simple. Organisations can waste large amounts of time and money recruiting the wrong candidates. Poor productivity and confused staff relationships tend to be the result. Those are issues organisations can do without, and no one wants their first taste of working life to be a bad experience. You don’t, do you?   Evolution Recruitment consultancies have evolved. At least the ones you need have. They take the time to understand and empathise with their candidates and their clients. They use the latest proven techniques and technology to provide the very best advice and find the right match of candidate to employer. Many jobs and opportunities are not advertised through the usual channels or on social media. Recruitment consultants often have access to far more opportunities than you will find by yourself. Did I mention it’s free? Finding the right partner to hold your hand can be one of the best decisions you will ever make. You will tap into the dedication and expert knowledge of their staff. They will help you prepare that killer CV and boost your digital profile, show you how to navigate application processes and prepare for interview. Shorts and T-shirt might be fine for running a surfboard shop but it won’t impress Sir Humphrey in an interview with HM’s Civil Service. And when you make your choice, the best recruitment consultants will even help you negotiate the best offer. You get all of this for free. The client’s pay, you benefit. It is your life At the end of the day, it is your choice. You make your own life decisions. You can be in control or not. It really is your call. Perhaps, you slipped up on an academic banana skin and think you’ve blown it. Either way, you can increase your chances of a great start in your working life by choosing a forward-thinking recruitment partner. After all, you’ve worked damn hard to get this far, surely you aren’t just going to roll the dice now, are you?   Read More
    July 28, 2017
  • How much does it cost you when you hire the wrong person?
    When it comes to recruitment most companies underestimate their costs by 90-95%. We understand, that when money is tight, the easiest thing to do is remove the agency, to reduce headline costs, and take recruitment in-house. So why should you use an agency to support you with recruitment? We have put together a list of downfalls, that might sound all too familiar, and why an agency can remove these recruitment misfortunes. The stats are against you We all know when you hire someone it takes time and money. But if you don’t have the right resources and skill set in house, you could end up spending more money and hiring the wrong candidate. It’s worth noting that over 70% of in-house solutions fail to source 90% of their vacancies themselves, in some cases all openings. Therefore, agencies are needed to help further down the line and the cost saving process has gone out the window. Sometimes cutting corners is just not worth it.  The Time it Takes to Hire Have you ever tracked how long it takes to hire people? if you haven’t it might surprise you how many hours it takes and how It could hugely affect the productivity within your company. The average hiring period is around 10-12 weeks (from job opening to accepted offer), during which time the role is unfilled. For most companies that means there is either no productivity, or productivity is provided by diverting someone else, likely the manager, or by using contract labour. All these options have a tangible cost, and if the hiring timeline slips the cost goes up.  When going through the hiring process, it is good to remember, that in house recruitment teams generally have longer hiring times than agencies. On average their hiring timeline can be between 12-16 weeks, due to a lack of extensive databases and wider industry contacts. Quality of Hire When hiring, it is always reactive process, sourcing candidates when the need arises. The immediacy of that need means that companies are entirely reliant on candidates already in the market: signed up with agencies, looking at ads, on job sites or on databases. Studies have shown that this method and way of recruitment only represents around 20% of the qualified candidates in the marketplace, and even then to access all of that 20% you would have to have some serious free time, access to lots of different databases, as well as a budget behind you to spread your advertisement for your job role. The reality is that companies are on average accessing only 2-3% of the available talent pool to fill any given vacancy. Limited access, to only people who really want or need a new job, has a dramatic impact on the quality of person you can recruit for your job. Too many cooks… don’t know what they want When deciding upon your perfect candidate, but without open collaboration between senior management, too often there is a convoluted opinion on what the need is, what the role will entail, and who the ideal candidate is. This often doesn’t come to light until the interview process is in full flow and a significant amount of time has been invested with little progress made. This is where Responsive Personnel can ensure all the right questions have been asked before the process begins. All that is gold does not necessarily glitter  Too many companies simply judge a candidate by their cover (letter), CV, or those with the best interview skills. I am sure you have heard of the saying, never judge a book by its cover? These hiring decisions are often based on gut feeling and emotion. Not considering other factors such as attitudes and behaviours despite these being a mainstay in considerations when employees are under-performing or dismissed. This is why an agencies expertise’s can really help and remove any emotional decisions that might be made in house. But what if you get it wrong?  If you made the wrong hire, you’re now faced with spiralling recruitment costs including severance packages, a potentially wasted investment, and the added recruitment cost of a replacement. A report, by HR Review, has estimated that in the recruitment of a replacement, you’ll be left with another £30,000 cost. That is a huge chunk of change – especially if you are trying to cut back. Did you know that up to half of new hires leave within the first twelve months, and the average is over 20%? The reasons are simple, the 6-8 weeks of contact with a company of a standard recruitment process is not enough to develop a cultural rapport between candidate and company. In short, the new hire starts and only then finds out if they ‘fit’, any concerns are amplified by the pressure of the new job. But what if there was a way of knowing if someone would fit into your company before you have given them the job? Cut these recruitment costs and hire right from the start Here at Responsive Personnel we offer Empathy Profiling as part of our services. This is a practical and user-friendly tool to understand ourselves and others. We have developed a very simple and yet highly accurate three minute questionnaire to help individuals understand their own emotional intelligence or temperament. This tool can, when administered by a trained facilitator, help individuals, teams and their managers develop a better understanding of the emotions or temperaments that drive people’s behaviours; particularly towards how they manage themselves and their relationships with others. So how can empathy testing help you? Recruitment Empathy is a fantastic tool which ensures you select a candidate that will both fit in and is likely to naturally perform well in their role. That makes your recruitment process more effective because people stay longer and perform better. It will reduce the chance of appointing someone who does not fit in and those likely to become a cost management problem. Team Building Empathy is a huge insightful performance management tool. It helps a Manager adjust his or her approach with each individual in their team, making performance management easier, securing greater discretionary effort and improving delegation. We can run empathy tests within your team and work with you to make decisions based on these results. Sales Empathy is also a great tool for Sales People because once you understand how to judge someone’s style from their everyday behaviour you know how best to influence or persuade them. It is easy to learn, simple to use and very effective. In short, the true cost of recruitment is not just about money, it is also about productivity and the larger problems you could create if you hire the wrong person. With our empathy profiling, we can reduce the time it takes, speed up the process and most importantly hire the right person from day one. Ultimately saving you a lot of money in the long run. Talk to us today. Read More
    June 27, 2017
  • Make sure your job description attracts top talent
    If you’re struggling to find the right talent and your business goes through endless hiring cycles, this post may just be what you need. We all want to be attracting the best people to work for our businesses. We all know how important it is to make sure our organisations are drawing talented people to work for us. New employees should bring fresh ideas, great work ethic and the experience, as well as skills, to support businesses to achieve success. You know you work for a great company – but the people you are trying to attract might not be so aware. Are you making it obvious of why you are so awesome? As recruiter’s we know how to tap into your company and make sure your looking attractive to the outside world. We talk with candidates and highlight to them everything your organisation has to offer and why it is better than what they have now – or what the competition is offering. But before all of this, attracting top talent all starts with the job description! Job descriptions done right help you hire the right people and successfully manage the performance and development of new and existing employees. They’re a really great to tool that will help support your recruitment efforts. Make sure your job descriptions reflects the job-specific competencies needed to be successful in a given role as well as the core competencies that reflect the culture of your business. Of course, a job opportunity isn’t just about meeting a list of skills, tasks, and responsibilities. It’s about how a candidate can apply their skills and experiences to move the company forward. It’s also about their future – what career progression are you offer and will there be any development programs available? Don’t just sell the job, sell your brand to your potential employee! For top-candidates, choosing which job to pursue is not just about what the job is, but how they can contribute to the organisation and what they get in return. There needs to be some mutual benefits to the employee-employer relationship. So treat recruiting like marketing and use your brand to inspire and excite potential candidates. So, we have told you why we think a job description is pretty damn important but to be extra helpful here is our top tips to make sure the next job description you write is a cracker. Top 5 Tips  Google Friendly.  How do we search for anything know a days? We hit Google of course. If your description doesn’t include the right keywords, people won’t be able to find it through their search engine and consequently won’t knock on your door. That’s why you should make sure that your job description contains relevant phrases and job titles corresponding to those displayed by the search engine for the type of position you’re offering. Get Creative. With so many apps, websites and job boards it is easy for your potential candidate to miss your great job. Check out what your competition are up too. Look at their job postings for similar positions and make sure you stand out from the crowd. Steer clear from the obvious – practically every employer offers a fast-paced or dynamic working environment and almost every job posting is addressed to highly motivated self-starters. Recruitment is a bit like dating – it’s like putting on your dating profile you’re bubbly, friendly and like going to cinema. Pretty much the same as the next guy. What makes you interesting? Show Some Personality. We all want to come across as professional but cold and detachable language will only come across as boring. Always be honest and bring some life into your descriptions to make them engaging. This is a chance to have a little fun and show the uniqueness of the company. Before posting your job online, be sure to read its description and ask yourself if this is a position you would apply for? If your answer is no then maybe it sounds stiff and boring. A good job description which engages candidates, provides exhaustive information about the position (and the company) but is still written in an accessible language that reflects the company’s culture and personality will attract the right people for your job. The Experience. Make sure you explain what it’s like to work at your company. Share some key information about the company culture – what is its central mission, what type of people you’re looking to add to your team and what the job really looks like. If you’re offering flexible schedules or other solutions which boost work-life balance, be sure to mention it. Interactive content and attractive videos are excellent if you’d like to directly communicate the brand narrative to candidates without making your job description too long. Mobile Friendly. 9 out of 10 of us looking for a new job hit our phones to hunt for our new role. If you fail to make sure your descriptions work on mobiles, you’ll force candidates to switch between devices – and that might be simply too much to ask. Most of us want the information instant and if it’s not, most of us just won’t bother and will move on to the next job offer. Make applying on mobile as easy as you can is also really important and you are more likely to gain candidate appreciation. Now remember a mobile is hand held so keep the description short and sweet – nobody wants to stare into their tiny screen for a long time. Make it easy on the eyes and divide information into short, digestible bits by using bullet points where appropriate. Have a go at applying these tips to your next job description and if you sign up to work with Responsive Personnel you will be well on your way to attracting and engaging the best talent around. Happy candidate hunting Read More
    June 3, 2017
  • Does anybody need a job in Wiltshire?
    Danny Kimber managing director of Responsive Personnel in Swindon provides his commentary on the unemployment figures released today, Wednesday, 11 November 2015. Read More
    December 3, 2016
  • Is everyone different ?
    We all know that everyone is different and yet we often forget and get into a habit of treating everyone the same.rnrnSo, imagine if you were really able to read people and turn that into personal benefit by being able to get along better with a wider range of people, or sell to them, or managing them, more effectively. Personality profiling can do that for you.rn Read More
    December 3, 2016


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