Make sure your job description attracts top talent

If you’re struggling to find the right talent and your business goes through endless hiring cycles, this post may just be what you need. We all want to be attracting the best people to work for our businesses. We all know how important it is to make sure our organisations are drawing talented people to work for us. New employees should bring fresh ideas, great work ethic and the experience, as well as skills, to support businesses to achieve success.

You know you work for a great company – but the people you are trying to attract might not be so aware. Are you making it obvious of why you are so awesome? As recruiter’s we know how to tap into your company and make sure your looking attractive to the outside world. We talk with candidates and highlight to them everything your organisation has to offer and why it is better than what they have now – or what the competition is offering.

But before all of this, attracting top talent all starts with the job description!

Job descriptions done right help you hire the right people and successfully manage the performance and development of new and existing employees. They’re a really great to tool that will help support your recruitment efforts. Make sure your job descriptions reflects the job-specific competencies needed to be successful in a given role as well as the core competencies that reflect the culture of your business. Of course, a job opportunity isn’t just about meeting a list of skills, tasks, and responsibilities. It’s about how a candidate can apply their skills and experiences to move the company forward. It’s also about their future – what career progression are you offer and will there be any development programs available?

Don’t just sell the job, sell your brand to your potential employee!

For top-candidates, choosing which job to pursue is not just about what the job is, but how they can contribute to the organisation and what they get in return. There needs to be some mutual benefits to the employee-employer relationship. So treat recruiting like marketing and use your brand to inspire and excite potential candidates.

So, we have told you why we think a job description is pretty damn important but to be extra helpful here is our top tips to make sure the next job description you write is a cracker.

Top 5 Tips

  1.  Google Friendly.  How do we search for anything know a days? We hit Google of course. If your description doesn’t include the right keywords, people won’t be able to find it through their search engine and consequently won’t knock on your door. That’s why you should make sure that your job description contains relevant phrases and job titles corresponding to those displayed by the search engine for the type of position you’re offering.
  2. Get Creative. With so many apps, websites and job boards it is easy for your potential candidate to miss your great job. Check out what your competition are up too. Look at their job postings for similar positions and make sure you stand out from the crowd. Steer clear from the obvious – practically every employer offers a fast-paced or dynamic working environment and almost every job posting is addressed to highly motivated self-starters. Recruitment is a bit like dating – it’s like putting on your dating profile you’re bubbly, friendly and like going to cinema. Pretty much the same as the next guy. What makes you interesting?
  3. Show Some Personality. We all want to come across as professional but cold and detachable language will only come across as boring. Always be honest and bring some life into your descriptions to make them engaging. This is a chance to have a little fun and show the uniqueness of the company. Before posting your job online, be sure to read its description and ask yourself if this is a position you would apply for? If your answer is no then maybe it sounds stiff and boring. A good job description which engages candidates, provides exhaustive information about the position (and the company) but is still written in an accessible language that reflects the company’s culture and personality will attract the right people for your job.
  4. The Experience. Make sure you explain what it’s like to work at your company. Share some key information about the company culture – what is its central mission, what type of people you’re looking to add to your team and what the job really looks like. If you’re offering flexible schedules or other solutions which boost work-life balance, be sure to mention it. Interactive content and attractive videos are excellent if you’d like to directly communicate the brand narrative to candidates without making your job description too long.
  5. Mobile Friendly. 9 out of 10 of us looking for a new job hit our phones to hunt for our new role. If you fail to make sure your descriptions work on mobiles, you’ll force candidates to switch between devices – and that might be simply too much to ask. Most of us want the information instant and if it’s not, most of us just won’t bother and will move on to the next job offer. Make applying on mobile as easy as you can is also really important and you are more likely to gain candidate appreciation. Now remember a mobile is hand held so keep the description short and sweet – nobody wants to stare into their tiny screen for a long time. Make it easy on the eyes and divide information into short, digestible bits by using bullet points where appropriate.

Have a go at applying these tips to your next job description and if you sign up to work with Responsive Personnel you will be well on your way to attracting and engaging the best talent around.

Happy candidate hunting

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