We are committed to selecting candidates who will help you meet the aims and objectives of your business

Are you looking for a trustworthy and experienced recruitment agency?

Here at Responsive Personnel, we have 50 years of experience in providing expert recruitment solutions to the Industrial, Commercial, and Hospitality sectors across the UK. We work with every type of business from Distribution Centre to Call Centres plus Facilities Management to 5* Hotels, so whatever your employment requirements, we can help. Whether you are looking to recruit for a permanent, temporary or contract role, our expert team will provide a professional, practical and cost-effective solution.

Our experienced team pride themselves on offering a trustworthy and reliable service, which is why we are pleased to have a 100% client satisfaction rate. We work with everyone from large multinational employers to small local businesses here in Swindon, so whatever your business, the team at Responsive Personnel will provide an efficient recruitment solution.

Providing skilled candidates to some of the UK’s leading brands

Over the years, our excellent reputation has enabled us to provide expert recruitment services to a number of the UK’s leading brands. In fact, in the 50 years we have been providing recruitment services, we have many clients that we now class as friends due to the relationships we build at all levels.

Our bespoke recruitment process enables us to effectively source skilled candidates, who are able to improve productivity in the workplace while also lowering costs. We are committed to providing high-quality services, value for money and talented individuals to businesses across Swindon and beyond.

Our unique approach to recruitment allows us to identify the best fit between the vacancy and the potential candidates, which is why we have a 100% fulfilment rate. To continue to achieve this, it is essential that we always exceed the expectations of our clients whatever their requirements.

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Excellent results through our recruitment profiling tools

We are proud of achieving excellent results for our clients through our variety of recruitment tools. For short-term assignments we know that the best way to fulfil roles is to source candidates who are the best match for your requirements. For long-term roles, we use a variety of profiling tools which will help us assess the real value they can provide to your organisation, alongside analysing whether a role matches the personality of the candidate.
The software we use includes empathy profiling, motivational mapping and occupational strength assessment. This range of profiling techniques enables us to assess areas such as social perception and behavioural strengths. We believe in presenting candidates to you who match both your business requirements and their own long-term aims. This means that you benefit from candidates who excel within your workplace culture and a lower staff turnover.

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Bespoke solutions for your unique requirements

We are committed to selecting candidates who will help you meet the aims and objectives of your business. We have an experienced pool of candidates ready to undertake short-term or long-term roles, whether temporary or permanent. We also hold a register of skilled professionals who are ready to undertake fixed-term or rolling contracts on a pro-rata basis through our own in-house payroll system.

What sets us apart from other recruitment agencies is our ability to provide you with someone who is a great fit for your business in terms of skills, experience, personality and ambitions. We pride ourselves on providing candidates who can fulfil everything from entry-level roles to management roles. We search for people who we know can step into a new role and integrate quickly into your team.

Our bespoke range of solutions allow us to provide an efficient one-to-one recruitment process where:

1) Businesses submit their specific recruitment requirements through our website.

2) Our experts will visit your business or arrange a call, so that we can thoroughly understand important aspects such as your organisational aims, the size of the team, the role requirements and where the candidates will report to.

3) We then use our trusted recruitment techniques to source the candidates who fit the exact requirements of your business.

4) Once a candidate is selected for the role, we will work with you to integrate them effectively in the workplace.

5) We believe in building long-term relationships with employers and candidates, so will provide ongoing support to everyone involved.

Employer FAQ’s

We pride ourselves on providing an efficient and effective recruitment service, so we believe our recruitment process is extremely simple to use. As an experienced team, we know how important it is for all potential candidates to complete our screening and compliance checks, alongside our unique series of personality tests, before being added to our register. We currently have a list of over 4000 potential candidates who are ready to fill roles.

We also take the time to understand the intricacies of our clients’ businesses – we get to know the teams, the workplace culture and the future goals of the business. We use these details together with the work history, education, qualifications and career aims of our candidates to match them to roles, where we know they will make a significant contribution to the organisation. Throughout the whole process we will work with you on a one-to-one basis, so that at every stage you clearly understand exactly what is happening.

We spend time really getting to know your business, so that we can completely understand your unique employment requirements. We are proud to go the extra mile for both employers and candidates, by finding employment matches which really suit the culture and requirements of an organisation, alongside a candidate’s own personality traits and ambitions. 

To do this we use a variety of techniques such as our candidate profiling tools, which help us get to know our candidates so that we can find the perfect match for your business. These assessments form a comprehensive personality test which helps us to predict whether a candidate will succeed in a role, rather than relying on a single interview which can often provide inconclusive insights.

We have a 100% fulfilment rate and in the 50 years we have been operating we have never lost a client. We consider ourselves to be the market leader in Swindon and the surrounding area and will always provide support to both businesses and candidates throughout the recruitment process and beyond.

We pride ourselves on getting to know our clients and building long-term relationships with them. By understanding your business, we are ideally positioned to locate the best candidates for new roles quickly and easily. We understand that staffing is always unpredictable – a member of staff could leave at short notice or a new project may require a whole new team. By always being on hand, we are ready to fill your vacancies with experienced candidates who we know will suit your business.

With over 4000 registered candidates we can supply anything from 1 employee to a large team of 1000 employees, and we can even provide next day placements. We ensure that all pre-employment checks are carried out before a placement, including referencing, qualification checks and right to work investigations. Our team even complete a unique series of personality tests, which help us to ensure we supply candidates who are ideally matched to your business environment.

It is our mission to find the best possible candidates for your business, so we use a number of trusted techniques to ensure a successful placement. We are proud of our 100% fulfilment rate, although there is always a chance that a new employee might not be the best fit for you. We are committed to exceeding our clients’ expectations at every stage, so if an employee is not suitable, we will do our best to find you a new candidate.

This could be achieved through delving a little deeper into the day-to-day operations of your business, the team and the culture. It could be that a change in your organisation means that the candidate we placed is no longer suited to the role. By providing you with your own recruitment consultant we will endeavour to establish exactly why the original employee was not suitable, so that we can find an alternative candidate who will provide a great contribution to your organisation.

As a locally based company, if you are looking for a specific candidate for a role there is a high possibility that the person is already registered with us. With over 4000 candidates registered on our site, we have access to many people in the area with experience in commercial and industrial roles. Our database is the first place we will search, as these candidates have all been through our pre-employment screening process and are ready to start working.

We also have an excellent network of contacts through social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. The specific candidate you are searching for may be a part of our network, which continues to expand daily. By contacting the particular person you have in mind we can begin the recruitment process. We’ll establish whether they are looking for a position and make them aware of the role you may be able to provide.

No, we understand how busy our clients are so will always arrange an initial meeting at your premises or a phone call. By visiting your business and providing a one-to-one service, we can take the pressure away from you, allowing you the time to focus on your important tasks. Once the initial visit is complete, we can communicate with you via phone or email – this ensures you benefit from a quick response whenever you need it.

A key part of our professional recruitment process is getting to know the way our clients’ businesses operate in terms of culture, objectives, team size and even layout. By carrying out a visit to your business, we can understand what makes your company unique. It helps us match you to candidates whose personalities and skills will help them excel in your environment.

A stress free recruitment process

By working closely with your business and providing ongoing support, we are well positioned to be able to source the best-matched candidates within a short period of time. We appreciate that new roles can open unexpectedly, so are committed to providing solutions  quickly to ensure that your business remains unaffected. 

Even if you require a new employee for a next day placement, we have many candidates ready to place immediately. We currently have over 7000 candidates registered with us, so we are ready to supply businesses with anything from 1 new employee to 100. To ensure a smooth placement, especially when a business is facing time constraints, we can offer bespoke recruitment solutions to support your needs.

We meet all potential candidates face-to-face and carry out a series of pre-placement interview processes, including our unique personality tests. By really getting to know our potential candidates and carrying out referencing and qualification checks before placing into assignments,  we can provide suitable employees which are ready to start work in a short turnaround.

As a market leader, we can support your business in the sourcing of new talent, whether you are recruiting for permanent positions or temporary needs. If you are looking for an individual for a specific role or a whole new team, our experienced approach will help you find the best candidates for your workforce in a short period of time. Whatever your requirements, we will tailor our services to meet them.


“Excellent at what they do. If you need help finding decent candidates for your business, these guys will be an unparalleled investment.”

Craig Thomas

“I have used Danny and the team at Responsive to provide temp staff where required, been very pleased with the speed and professional manner in which they have helped me, can’t recommend highly enough.”

Stuart Dea

“Been with these guys just this week and I’ve had loads of work. Neil who has been taking care of us is the best. He’s keen to help anyone and he spends too many hours working. He’s a great guy. Thank you.”

Sharon Lyons