Personality Profiling

We all know that everyone is different…

…and yet we often forget and get into a habit of treating everyone the same. So, imagine if you were really able to read people and turn that into personal benefit by being able to get along better with a wider range of people, or sell to them, or managing them, more effectively. Personality profiling can do that for you.

Profiling can also help with job selection…

…whether you are an employer hoping a new recruit will fit into your current team or an individual wondering if you will get on in the culture of a new employer.

Some options include:

Empathy Profiling (Click Here)

This is easy to use system for understanding what makes people tick and how they interact with other people. 90% of our emotional behaviour comes from just seven inner drives all of which this model identifies. This approach means to can manage yourself and your relationships more effectively.

Motivational Mapping

Your happiness and success at work is partly determined by whether your core ‘Motivations’ are being met. The Motivational Map is a self perception inventory that combines Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and Edgar Schein’s Career Anchors with the Enneagram; one of the oldest perception inventories.

Occupational Strengths Assessment

This ground-breaking method looks at personality, social perception, and occupational interest assessment measuring and reporting behavioural strengths, motivations, expectations, stress behaviour, and career profiles. It is THE tool to understand your ideal career choices.